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We are open to imaginative ideas and suggestions from you on how to make Hancock a better place to live and work.
We'd like to hear from you.

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The Partners will continue to maintain all signage and other media that supports the theme, "Gateway To The Upper Delaware". We will always be aggressive in trying to bring visitors and businesses to Hancock.





































































































































The Partners will continue to maintain and develop the Hancock Town Square Project. The Partners are committed to making Hancock Town Square the "linchpin" of redevelopment and revitalization in downtown Hancock and the community at large. A facility this size requires a major amount of ground and building maintenance. The Partners are up to to the task.



The Partners will continue to bring world class entertainment, community functions, and educational events to the Hancock Town Square.

Here is a sampling of some of the events that have taken place at The Hancock Town Square over the past several years.

Event Schedule from 2013

Event Schedule from 2014

Event Schedule from 2015

Event Schedule from 2016